Reynolds, Simon

Generation Ecstasy
Into the World of Techno and Rave Culture

Verlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd / Erscheinungsjahr: 1999 / 480 S. / Kartonierter Einband (Kt) / H23.2 cm x B15.3 cm x D2.7 cm 780 g


In Generation Ecstasy, Simon Reynolds takes the reader on a guided tour of this end-of-the-millenium phenomenon, telling the story of rave culture and techno music as an insider who has dosed up and blissed out. A celebration of rave's quest for the perfect beat definitive chronicle of rave culture and electronic dance music.


Reynolds offers a guided tour of rave culture and techno music in this first critical history of the genre--and the drug culture that accompanies it. 40-page discography. of illustrations.

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Simon Reynolds is a Consulting Editor at Spin magazine. He is the author of Blissed Out: The Raptures of Rock (1990) and, with Joy Press, of The Sex Revolts: Gender,Rebellion and Rock 'n' Roll (1995).