Wells, Martin T. (Hrsg.)

Statistics in the 21st Century

Verlag: Taylor and Francis / Erscheinungsjahr: 2001 / 576 S. / Kartonierter Einband (Kt) / H22.9 cm x B15.2 cm 774 g


This volume discusses an important area of statistics and highlights the most important statistical advances. It is divided into four sections: statistics in the life and medical sciences, business and social science, the physical sciences and engineering, and theory and methods of statistics.


The development of statistics has been driven by the broader environment within which it operates: by applications in the sciences, medicine, engineering, and business; by the appearance of new types of data demanding interpretation, and by the rapid advances in computer technology. Statistics for the 21st Century comprises contributions from the foremost statisticians in the field that highlight the most important statistical advances and trends for the future. Components include capture-recapture methods, randomized clinical trials, statistical genetics, computational biology, empirical methods and the law, time series forecasting, internet traffic data, coding and compression of data, missing data techniques, and measurement error models. This is an essential reference text for statisticians, and for researchers in a wide range of other fields.